Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Happy Paws, Happy Hearts was established to create positive social experiences by connecting socially isolated people with the RSPCA animals.

Happy Paws, Happy Hearts was established after identifying two issues in need of a creative solution. The social enterprise brings together the growing number of people disconnected from their community with the increased demand on the services of the RSPCA and others.

The people that Happy Paws Happy Hearts works with feel a renewed sense of purpose and their self-confidence grows with each session whilst simultaneously the animals receive training and socialisation to improve their chances of adoption.

SVA support

SVA is supporting Happy Paws, Happy Hearts to review their program logic and outcomes measurement framework in parallel with strategic business planning to work towards scale and sustainability.

2016 achievements 

The School for Social Entrepreneur’s Partnering for Social Impact program identified Happy Paws, Happy Hearts as a high impact program that would benefit from multi-year funding and in-depth strategic and business planning support. In June 2016 SVA took on management of this venture.

To date the program has delivered 1955 participant interactions which equates to 5865 hours out of isolation.