Homeless of Melbourne (HoMie)

HoMie Three-year business plan


SVA Consulting was engaged to support HoMie to develop a three-year business plan to enable them to have greater social impact and to move towards financial sustainability.

Role we played

Working with HoMie, SVA Consulting:

  • Developed a deep understanding of the organisation and of the social impact they wished to have
  • Developed a fact base on the external and internal conditions of HoMie through stakeholder consultations and analysis of demographic, program performance and financial performance data
  • Created organisational goals and strategic initiatives based on that fact base
  • Tested the goals extensively with the HoMie team
  • Produced a detailed financial model to supplement the business plan which forecast out HoMie’s financial situation over the next three years.


HoMie now has a clear and comprehensive plan to increase its impact over the coming three-year period and move toward financial sustainability. The team have bought into and understand the plan and their role in making it a reality. In addition, HoMie and SVA Consulting have a monthly check in to discuss HoMie’s progress against the business plan.