Housing Plus

Housing Plus works in communities in Central West and Western NSW and provides appropriate accommodation and integrated support services to help improve lives and create thriving communities. Housing Plus also focus on supporting people who are experiencing homelessness or domestic violence.  

Outcomes management framework


Housing Plus engaged SVA Consulting to develop an outcomes management framework to help it understand its impact, how to improve it, and to support its sustainability as an organisation.  The vision was to create a practical whole-of organisation approach to measurement and evaluation, so that the impact of services can be evidenced to support funding and drive continuous improvement in service delivery.  

Role we played

Working closely with the team at Housing Plus, SVA Consulting helped the organisation define its desired impact so it could clearly identify the outcomes it wished to achieve. Using these outcomes, the team developed key indicators that would allow Housing Plus to understand the level of change occurring for participants, and measure its impact.  SVA Consulting then created a visual reporting dashboard to allow Housing Plus to easily monitor ongoing changes and outcomes.


The outcomes framework was developed to align with the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework. It will allow Housing Plus to make evidence-informed decisions about where to invest its resources to maximise its impact and better support participants.