Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Investment Principles


SVA Consulting was engaged to facilitate and support the co-design a set of voluntary Indigenous Investment Principles (IIP) in partnership with Mr David Murray AO, former Commonwealth Bank CEO.

Role we played

SVA Consulting’s role throughout the drafting process was broad, encompassing stakeholder engagement, project management, facilitation of key Drafting Group and Working Group meetings and implementation planning. To deliver this project we:

  • Facilitated the Pathway to Prosperity Forum, in collaboration with IBA and Credit Suisse, to establish the need for the IIP
  • Led a broad stakeholder engagement process, gaining insight into the challenges faced by a wide range of Indigenous organisations
  • Facilitated the ‘Growing with Governance’ Forum, attended by over 40 representatives of 22 Indigenous organisations at which a working group was established to develop and agree the IIP, and a subset of the working group – the drafting group – was also formed to carry forward the technical drafting work
  • Supported members of the drafting group in developing and presenting a draft set of Principles to the working group that became the final set of Principles.

The integrity of the process has its foundations in being Indigenous-led and owned, having an inclusive approach, following the principle of subscription, not prescription, and being built organically from the ground up.


The IIP have been launched by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and will facilitate greater economic resilience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities, empowering groups to be more active and meaningful participants in the modern Australian economy.

The IIP offers a roadmap for good governance of Indigenous funds with reference to a clearly defined purposed and mandate, which has its foundations in the circumstances and needs of community.