Industry Employment Initiative Evaluations

SVA Consulting supported the Industry Employment Initiative (IEI) Pilot Program to conduct mid-term and final evaluations. 


These evaluations aimed to measure the employment outcomes that the IEI Pilot Program has achieved for job seekers, understand the outcomes that the program created for participating employers, and identify opportunities to improve the program.

Role we played

In conjunction with the Industry Employment Initiative, SVA Consulting:

  • Designed two mixed-methods evaluations that drew on program data, interviews with employers and job-seekers, and a survey of job-seekers
  • Collected feedback from job-seekers and employers on the effectiveness of the program and opportunities to improve the model
  • Analysed data on employment outcomes and job seekers’ destinations and compared these against jobactive – the Commonwealth Government’s employment agency
  • Analysed the program’s costs to compare cost-effectiveness against alternative service providers.


These evaluations helped inform multiple changes in the IEI Pilot Program’s model. This included changes in the pre-employment support offered to job seekers and how employers were engaged in co-designing and delivering this support. A second-phase scale up of the IEI Pilot Program was funded in 2016 by the Victorian Government through the Jobs Victorian Employment Network, or JVEN.