Justice Connect organisational strategy

Justice Connect is an innovative community legal organisation designing and delivering high impact interventions to increase access to legal support and progress social justice across Australia. It is known for its strong pro bono network, its extensive NFP Law resources, its leading digital products, community programs and courts support.

The project (icon)
The project

SVA Consulting supported Justice Connect to develop an organisational strategy to achieve its purpose in an impactful and effective way. We then worked with the Public Interest Law (PIL) and Courts programs teams to support the development of a program-level strategy to align with, and contribute, to the organisational strategy.

The objective (icon)
The objective

To provide clear strategic direction and focus for the organisation and the combined PIL and Courts team.

The role we played

Across the two projects, SVA Consulting worked with Justice Connect to:

  • Support Justice Connect to align on its understanding of the internal and external environment and the implications for strategy
  • Engage with key stakeholders (internal and external) to hear their aspirations and perspectives
  • Use scenarios to help understand the future possible states for the external environment given high levels of uncertainty
  • Explore the priority outcomes which the organisation aspires to achieve and helped develop a clear understanding of the key distinctive capabilities of the organisation and team
  • Develop up a set of potential strategic priorities and assessed them against agreed criteria
  • Articulate the organisation’s strategic priorities and key initiatives required to deliver these

Our impact (icon)
Project impact

Justice Connect and the combined PIL and Courts team has a clear set of strategic priorities which will focus its resourcing and efforts over the next few years. This will support Justice Connect to more effectively provide access to justice to those who need help.

“Excellent communication and collaboration with me on the project”

– Tori Edwards, Head of Pro Bono Partnerships