Mapping the systems that influence early childhood development outcomes

Social Ventures Australia is part of the Early Years Catalyst (EYC), an ambitious long-term systemic change initiative that emerged from the 2020 National Early Years Summit. The EYC recently commissioned Orange Compass to undertake a major systems mapping process to better understand the complex forces influencing early childhood development outcomes in Australia today.

The systems mapping work saw more than 300 people from across Australia generously share their knowledge and experience of the many systems that influence the Early Years field. We heard loud and clear from the field their aspiration for a distinctly different and better future for our children. For an Early Years system that strengthens families, parents, carers and local communities. For a country that prioritises the lifelong wellbeing of all children in Australia and recognises that raising thriving children is the work of the whole nation.

“We invite and encourage you to explore and interrogate this work and to consider its implications so that we can develop a shared understanding of the many interconnected systems that children and families experience. Let’s work together to build a strong foundation for collective action so that we can begin to disrupt and transform Australia’s early years systems so that every child has the village it takes to raise a child.”

Geoff Sharp
Early Years Catalyst Lead

The EYC and Leadership Table members will be conducting some workshops with interested stakeholders to explore the systems mapping findings more deeply and its implications.

Please reach out to the backbone team if you would like to be involved in a workshop or would like to discuss the Systems Mapping report.