Mental Health Perspective Paper

SVA has a vision for Australia where all people and communities thrive. We recognise that mental health and wellbeing is an essential component of thriving communities, and that it is inextricably linked to good outcomes in education, employment and housing.

We believe that everyone in Australia should experience the best possible mental health and wellbeing, and that everyone, regardless of experiences of mental ill-health, is able to live a happy, healthy, productive and meaningful life of their choosing. We believe that experiencing good mental health should not be determined by someone’s cultural background, sexual identity, age, gender, employment status, place they live; or by experiences of compounding disadvantage.

This includes people living with an intellectual disability, experiences of childhood trauma or experiences of drug and alcohol addiction. We recognise that any true transformation of the mental health system in Australia must start with the empowerment, voice and participation of people with a lived experience of mental ill-health, and their carers, in all elements of program, service and policy design and delivery.

We have developed a report, SVA Perspectives: Mental Health, developed in partnership with Equity Trustees and funded through Equity Trustee’s Sector Capacity Building program, which outlines three drivers of better outcomes in Australia’s mental health sector:

  • Public awareness and prevention approaches that reduce the incidence, prevalence and impact of mental ill-health
  • Early intervention and integrated supports and services that are available when and where people need them
  • Appropriate service systems that empower and support personal, clinical, social and functional recovery

Download paper

The paper is available for download here.