National Disability Insurance Agency

National Disability Insurance Agency Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Toolkit


To help the NDIA build capacity in the sector to understand and access the new NDIS component, Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC).

Role we played

Over the course of a year, SVA Consulting worked alongside the ILC team at NDIA to:

  • Develop, test, implement and evaluate a capacity building toolkit for the sector as a way to support them to prepare for the introduction of the ILC and the new need to measure, prove, and improve their outcomes
  • Apply a human-centred approach to the work that allowed us to learn directly from end-users, interview experts and prototype early versions of the Toolkit in the field, alongside project partners the Republic of Everyone.
  • Facilitate a multi-channel approach to delivering the final toolkit including a set of online interactive tools, video training modules, and face-to-face training sessions that focused on building the knowledge and understanding of the sector around how to define and measure outcomes
  • Run an accessible, ILC helpline for several weeks following the launch of the ILC grants round to answer any questions about measuring outcomes

In conjunction with the toolkit development, we worked with NDIA to develop the logic model and outcomes framework for ILC to ensure its focus was on impact ​


We supported NDIA to train over 160 organisations in the ACT on the ILC and the online toolkit has been accessed by thousands nationally. These organisations now have an increased understanding of the ILC, and enhanced skills to measure and manage to outcomes. The outcomes framework means the sector has a clear understanding of what change the ILC is setting out to achieve and the need to adopt a multi-faceted approach – the outcomes are not just focused on the individual but the framework recognises the role of families and carers as well as the community and mainstream society in achieving choice and control.