Navigating the landscape of Australia’s Early Years System

Introducing the ECD Systems Landscape Atlas: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Australia’s Early Years System

We are thrilled to announce the release of a ground-breaking resource from the Early Years Catalyst: the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Systems Landscape Atlas. This resource, developed in collaboration with Orange Compass, offers a comprehensive mapping of the government-driven structures that shape Australia’s social service delivery systems, specifically focusing on the early years.

The landscape atlas delves into the federal, state/territory, and local government structures that underpin ten key systems crucial to children’s early development. These systems include health, mental health, disability, early learning, child protection, parenting and family supports, family and domestic violence supports, social security, secure and affordable housing, and safe, healthy physical and built environments.

The ECD Systems Landscape Atlas is now available for download. This valuable resource consists of four separate publications, each offering unique insights and perspectives.

We hope that the ECD Systems Landscape Atlas provides you with a holistic perspective on Australia’s early years system and its impact on early childhood development outcomes. While this work was completed in early 2023, we believe it serves as a valuable starting point for further exploration and development within the field.

To maximise the usefulness of this resource, you can approach it in a way that aligns with your interests and priorities. Whether you prefer to start with the summary for a high-level understanding or dive into specific chapters within Parts 1 and 2, the atlas offers flexibility in how you engage with the material.

We hope that this resource proves valuable to policymakers, educators, researchers, and anyone passionate about improving early childhood development outcomes in Australia.