Newpin Queensland Social Benefit Bond

The Newpin Qld Social Benefit Bond was Queensland’s first social impact bond.

The Newpin Qld Social Benefit Bond (Newpin Qld SBB) funded the establishment and operation of the Newpin Program in Queensland. The Program was run by UnitingCare Queensland (UCQ), one of Australia’s largest providers of family and community services.

The Newpin Program was based on the model underpinning the NSW Newpin SBB, and was primarily focused on working with First Australian families. The 18-month long centre-based program was designed to strengthen family engagement, with the aim of ensuring that more children are able to live safely with their families.

The Newpin Qld SBB terminated in June 2020, before its planned maturity date. A key issue for the Newpin Qld SBB which led to its termination were challenges experienced at the Cairns Newpin Centre, which experienced significantly lower than planned enrolments of families and children. The service delivery landscape has also changed. A greater focus has been placed on family support services being delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations, an evolution which was supported by UCQ, the Queensland Government and SVA.

This short video has more information about the Newpin Qld SBB. (00:04:10 duration).

The Newpin Qld SBB structure

Investment details

Please note that the Newpin Qld SBB is now closed for investment. For further details about the Newpin Qld SBB please refer to the Newpin Qld SBB Information Memorandum (PDF, 2MB)


Newpin Qld Annual Investor Report – 2020 (PDF, 1.5MB)

Newpin Qld Annual Investor Report – 2019 (PDF, 495KB)

Newpin Qld Annual Investor Report – 2018 (PDF, 433KB)