Newpin Qld SBB

The Newpin Qld Social Benefit Bond is Queensland’s first social impact bond.

The Newpin Qld Social Benefit Bond (Newpin Qld SBB) provides investors with an opportunity to generate a competitive financial return whilst creating a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families in Queensland.

Investors will be funding the establishment and operation of the Newpin Program in three regions across Queensland. The Program will be run by UnitingCare Queensland (UCQ), one of Australia’s largest providers of family and community services.

The Newpin Program is based on the model that underpins the NSW Newpin SBB, and will focus on working primarily with First Australian families. It is an 18 month centre-based program that has been designed to strengthen family engagement, and has an established track record in successfully ensuring that more children are able to live safely with their families.

The Newpin Program is expected to generate positive outcomes for the children, their families and the community.

It is estimated that around two and half times more children will be reunited with their families than would occur in the absence of the Newpin Program.

Payments will be made to UCQ by the Queensland Government based on the incremental number of children successfully reunited with their families. The level of these payments will be reflected in the investment returns generated by the Newpin Qld SBB.

Watch this short video for more information about the Newpin Qld SBB. (00:04:10 duration).

The Newpin Qld SBB structure

Key features

  • Investor returns are linked to outcome payments made by Government to UnitingCare Queensland, which are based on Government savings generated by the Newpin Program
  • Government savings are measured by comparing the number of incremental reunifications with a historical baseline
  • 7.25 year bond term
  • 2% p.a fixed interest payments over six years, with a performance interest payment in year 7
  • Termination rights limit downside loss to approximately 50% of principal
  • Target scenario estimated return 7.5% p.a (objective only)


Please note that the Newpin Qld SBB is now closed for investment. For further details, please refer to the following documents:


SVA prepares a report on the results of the Newpin Qld SBB.

Newpin Qld Annual Investor Report – 2019 (PDF, 495KB)

Newpin Qld Annual Investor Report – 2018 (PDF, 433KB)

Investor updates

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