NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Indicator Library and Outcomes Guide


SVA Consulting was engaged by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) to help increase the NSW social service sector’s capacity to collaborate and manage to outcomes.


Role we played

To achieve this, SVA Consulting developed an indicator library that identified short, long and ‘shadow’ indicators to allow NSW service delivery organisations to map their progress towards the Human Services Outcomes Framework that had been created through the Social Innovation Council. Our team also developed a guidance document to help organisations understand how to use the indicator library and framework to adopt more outcomes oriented approaches. Throughout the process SVA Consulting liaised with government departments, peak bodies and service providers to ensure the usefulness of these materials for the sector.


The indicator library and guide are available for all organisations on the DFSI website and have already been used by several organisations to run workshops, review operations and take steps to increase their outcomes management capacity.

The Managing to Outcomes Guide is available for download, and please feel free to contact Director, Consulting Simon Faivel should you have any queries.