Orange Sky Australia: the mobile laundry service

Many First Nations peoples in remote communities face a range of inequalities.​ Lack of access to essential laundry facilities is both a strong contributor to, and consequence of, inequality. It is also a critical enabler of the improvements in wellbeing and participation.

Orange Sky Australia began remote laundry services in Lockhart River in 2017. Since then, it has been partnering with local, First Nations-led organisations to provide remote communities with free, mobile laundry facilities, together with a safe space for culturally meaningful connection and support. For some remote communities, the service forms a vital part of an integrated approach to scabies prevention and treatment. For other communities, it also plays a vital role in supporting improved service co-ordination and support, ensuring there is a safety-net for the most vulnerable members of the community.

The project (icon)
The project

Given the innovative nature of this service, Orange Sky Australia sought to better understand and describe the positive changes that take place in remote communities that they operate in.

The objective (icon)
The objective

SVA Consulting was engaged to support Orange Sky Australia to define and measure the outcomes and impact it creates through its services in remote communities.

The role we played

We worked collaboratively with Orange Sky Australia, its service partners and three remote communities (Palm Island, Maningrida and Kalgoorlie) to develop an overarching Theory of Change for its services in remote communities.  We then developed an outcomes framework to support Orange Sky to understand and demonstrate the impact created in the remote communities in which it operates.

Judith Meiklejohn, Senior Impact Manager, Orange Sky Australia

“Orange Sky remote services are an innovative and locally tailored service model and as such needed the same approach to build a Theory of Change and MEL framework. The SVA team achieved this and helped us to gain valuable insight to better understand the impact of our remote services from all perspectives, most importantly the people, communities and organisations we work alongside. The team were a pleasure to work and travel with and their understanding of the context of our work was evident. This work has helped us to build a framework for measurement which will help us to quantify our impact over time and as we grow and to communicate back to the varied community that makes up Orange Sky”

Judith Meiklejohn
Senior Impact Manager: First Nations Communities,  Orange Sky Australia

Our impact (icon)
Project impact

Orange Sky Australia now has a clear way to articulate and measure the outcomes that take place through its partnerships with remote communities. It is excited about the opportunity to start hearing feedback from the communities it serves to inform how best to innovate and improve the service. Outcomes data will also be used to support Orange Sky to build the case for future funding support to scale the program to more remote communities in need.

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