Prime Minister and Cabinet Environment Branch

2017 Prime Minister and Cabinet (now National Indigenous Australians Agency) Environment Branch evaluation plan: The Indigenous Land and Sea Management (ILSM) Outcomes Framework


To develop a shared outcomes framework that would enable PM&C and the ILSM sector to collect better evidence about the outcomes created by ILSM programs. The ILSM Outcomes Framework would be used to measure the outcomes produced by all Indigenous Protected Areas and Indigenous Ranger programs funded by PM&C across Australia.

Role we played

In conjunction with PM&C, SVA Consulting:

  • Facilitated a co-design group, made up of PM&C, the Department of Energy and Environment, representatives from 14 ILSM organisations across Australia and research partners, developing the outcomes framework through an iterative process
  • Identified a set of 11 shared outcomes for the ILSM sector, through co-design workshops, consultations and a review of research literature and existing monitoring plans
  • Developed indicators, data collection tools and a new reporting template for the outcomes framework
  • Conducted a survey of the ILSM sector to analyse monitoring and evaluation capacity across the sector, and identify capacity building needs
  • Developed an implementation plan to guide a pilot of the outcomes framework.


The co-design group endorsed the ILSM Outcomes Framework, which is to be piloted with a selection of participating organisations in 2019-2021.