SecondBite Future Trust strategy

Developing a Future Trust strategy for sustainability

SVA Consulting developed a comprehensive funding strategy to maximise the potential of SecondBite’s Future Trust, a segregated and professionally invested fund.

Developing the strategy involved assessing if this was an appropriate time to grow the Future Trust and if so, how to differentiate fundraising for the Future Trust from operational fundraising.

As a rapidly growing non-profit with a 44% increase in fundraising in 2012, SecondBite faced competing priorities between promoting the Future Trust (established a few years earlier) and current operational fundraising. Not wanting to leave itself vulnerable, SecondBite engaged SVA consulting to develop an appropriate strategy.

“SVA Consulting helped us to think about a bigger vision going forward and opened us up to different possibilities and a more sophisticated way of positioning the Future Trust.”

Ian Carson, SecondBite founder and Chair

Through researching trusts and bequests, it became clear that this was a good time to fundraise for the Future Trust, but that a clear case for support was needed – one that would inspire people to get behind the initiative and differentiate it from ongoing fundraising.

SVA Consulting developed clear objectives for the Future Trust and a strategy to achieve them.

The project helped SecondBite to get clear about the relationship between fundraising for SecondBite operations and fundraising for the Future Trust. SVA Consulting’s work also gave a focus and got everyone on the same page.

Download the Secondbite casestudy (PDF, 389KB)