Sisters of Charity Outreach

Service delivery model refinement and testing  


The Sisters of Charity Outreach project had three key objectives:  

  1. Determine if the proposed family violence service delivery model is in line with best practice and addresses current need  
  2. Develop a suite of indicators that will enable measurement of the outcomes for clients under the recommended service model 
  3. Determine correlations between the proposed client outcomes and improved health and wellbeing indicators over time  

Role we played

SVA helped further develop and refine Sisters of Charity Outreach’s proposed service delivery model for their domestic and family violence services. This included clarifying the overall purpose and objectives of their future domestic violence services, developing the program logic, defining their target client group, exploring the financial implications of different strategic directions, creating a high-level implementation plan for the new service delivery model, and developing an outcomes framework to ensure Outreach is measuring the impact of their work.  

As part of this engagement, SVA Consulting:  

  • Led stakeholder interviews with key players in the domestic and family violence space across both NSW and Victoria to better understand the ecosystem and incorporate best practice into the service delivery model design  
  • Conducted market research to analyse both the demand for crisis support and the service provision landscape in Sydney, identifying opportunities for Outreach’s future domestic and family violence services  
  • Provided clear recommendations on the future service delivery model, including key strategic priorities and sequencing of these priorities  


Sisters of Charity Outreach have increased their engagement with the domestic and family violence ecosystem and are now equipped with a clear recommendation on the future domestic and family service delivery model, including a pathway to implementation.