South Port UnitingCare

Business Plan for the Bicycles over Lunch Time Program


SVA Consulting was engaged to develop a business plan to support South Port UnitingCare to scale the Bicycles Over Lunch Time (BOLT) program to reach as many students as possible.

Role we played

Working with South Port UnitingCare, SVA Consulting:

  • Supported the organisation establish its preferred method for scaling the program (replication) so that it could continue to be run by South Port Uniting Care rather than a separate organisation
  • Undertook research into best practice replication models both nationally and internationally
  • Incorporated this research into a detailed business plan that outlined the funding, governance, measurement and evaluation and human resource requirements of replication.


South Port UnitingCare has now further refined its measurement and evaluation framework with the aim of collecting more evidence of the effectiveness of their program. The organisation is using the business plan to focus their replication activities on the most essential elements and inform their conversations with potential program partners and funders.