Powerhouse Schools

Our Powerhouse Schools have demonstrated outstanding outcomes in spite of challenging circumstances.

SVA’s investment in Powerhouse Schools assisted and empowered exceptional school leaders to articulate clearly the action and strategy driving their success.  The leadership teams of these schools participated in a five-year partnership with SVA, receiving:

  • financial support for leader and teacher development
  • engagement of consultants and school improvement resources
  • a program of tailored school visits
  • brokering of partnerships to assist school improvement initiatives
  • valuable networking opportunities with other school leaders at SVA’s quarterly Thought Leadership Gatherings
  • assistance with monitoring and evaluation, in order to systematically understand approaches and outcomes

The Connection currently supports eight Powerhouse Schools across Victoria and New South Wales. In 2019, this group of schools became the first alumni of the Bright Spots Schools Connection.

To learn more about the remarkable achievements of our graduated Powerhouse schools, you’ll find detailed case studies and further information here.

VictoriaNew South Wales
Broadmeadows Primary School
Dandenong North Primary School
Hume Central Secondary College
St Albans Secondary College
Silverton Primary School
Merrylands East Public School
Rooty Hill High School
Toronto High School