New South Wales Star Hub Schools

The five Star Hub schools selected in NSW are located in the South West region of the metropolitan area of Sydney. The hub is supported in partnership with regionally located Directors from the NSW Department of Education and the regions Executive Director.

Blairmount Public School

Blairmount Public School located on the western side of Campbelltown with a feeder area comprised of 57% public housing and 43% private housing. It serves 528 students, including:

  • 42% students having English as an additional language
  • 9% students from an Indigenous background

In recent years the school has been the recipient of a number of awards including a Director General’s School Achievement Award for Quality Teaching and Learning, Regional Director’s Award for Excellence in Student Welfare and an NAB Schools First Award for Outstanding School and Community Partnerships.

Casula High School

Casula High School is located in the south western suburbs of Sydney, serving 723 students including:

  • 62% students having English as an additional language
  • 3% students from an Indigenous background

The school is focused on creating a twenty first century environment for exceptional learners, supporting expert educators to lead learning, and fostering an inclusive growth community. There is a particular emphasis on ensuring the school’s programs are evolving to meet the changing demands of global schooling through visible learning, flipped learning technologies and methodologies.

Curran Public School

Curran Public School is a vibrant, diverse school of 276 students situated on the Macquarie Fields Public Housing Estate, south west of Sydney, including:

  • Approximately 90% of students living in Department of Housing New South Wales homes
  • 46% students having English as an additional language
  • 16% of students from an Indigenous background

Curran Primary School are committed to ensuring that every child is a lifelong learner with dignity, purpose, options and greater curiosity in the world around them. Curran Public School is a focus school for the Early Action for Success initiative and is in partnership with four other schools in the Glenfield and Campbelltown Principal Networks in New South Wales.

Granville East Public School

Granville East Public School is a vibrant, diverse school of 367 students serving a cultural rich community in Sydney’s western suburbs, including:

  • 96% students having English as an additional language
  • 2% students from an Indigenous background
  • 24 different linguistic groups with 61% of students are from an Arabic speaking background.

The school is focused on enabling successful, self-regulating learners who thrive in all contexts, empowering dynamic teacher-leaders who inspire and exemplify limitless learning and shaping a leading school community.

Hilltop Road Public School

Hilltop Road Public School is situated in the Western Sydney region and serves approximately 756 students from over 23 cultural groups, including:

  • 69% students having English as an additional language
  • 3% students from an Indigenous background

The school is part of the Holroyd local government area, which is one of the most diverse in Sydney. Holroyd has a low socioeconomic profile and is home to people from over 122 cultural backgrounds.

At Hilltop Road Public School, students are empowered to co-create, connect, integrate and personalise their own learning, within an authentic context. The school utilises Discovery Time, Project-Based Learning, Self-Organised Learning Environments and Genius Hour, in order to personalise and differentiate learning experiences to ensure individual differences are catered for and nurtured.

Staff engage in high level professional learning experiences and are encouraged to develop their knowledge, enthusiasm and vision to inspire students to explore their individual talents and achieve their personal best.

Hilltop Road Public School embeds innovative technology in education, utilising a range of technology within flexible learning environments to enable students to become effective 21st century learners. All students have access to XO Duo laptops, iPads, interactive whiteboards, a computer lab and technology hub. In 2015, digital portfolios were introduced to encourage families to discuss student learning at home, promoting a reciprocal relationship between families and the school.

Hilltop Road is held in high esteem by the local community. A strong sense of belonging and pride is evident amongst students, staff and families, as a strong partnership exists between parents and staff, characterised by mutual interest, support and cooperation.