SVA Diversified Impact Fund

The SVA Diversified Impact Fund provides finance to organisations that make a meaningful social impact on the lives of people in Australia.

About our finance

The Fund provides flexible finance ranging from $0.5M to $1.5M.

Loans Equity SIBs

We provide finance to both for-profit and non-profit organisations. The organisations we work with have:

  • Experienced management teams
  • Clear social impact
  • Focus on Australia
  • Existing revenue and demonstrated readiness for expansion

Meaningful impact

The Fund focuses on areas fundamental to improving lives of people in Australia:

Focus areas

More than money

We provide organisations with a combination of capital and support.


To apply, or for more information, contact Nathan Sowell at

For investors: the Fund at a glance

Fund at a glance

Downside protection for investors

20% downside protection will be provided at no cost to investors by at least nine Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs):

  • Bellwether Foundation
  • Bryan Foundation
  • Hantomeli Foundation
  • Reef Shark Foundation
  • Sky Foundation
  • The Harris Charitable Foundation
  • The Robertson Foundation
  • The Yarranabbe Foundation
  • Wilson Foundation

Investor information

The Fund reached First Close in December 2017 at $12.8 million and the Maximum Fund Size is $15 million. The Fund is no longer open to new applications. Please refer to the following documents for more details about the Fund:

The Fund succeeds the SVA Social Impact Fund, which created 160 jobs, 22 dwellings, education programs and accessible health services for people experiencing disadvantage in Australia.

A. Fund size is capped to ensure the downside protection equals 20% of total Capital Commitments.
B. The Investment Manager has the ability to make smaller or larger investments, capped at 20% of total Capital Commitments (with the exception of equity investments capped at 10% of total Capital Commitments), unless otherwise approved.