Video from the 2014 SVA Education Dialogue

SVA hosted its fourth Education Dialogue on Wednesday 15 October 2014, addressing the question ‘how do we address inequity by spreading good practice?’

Below you can find videos from the day, including sessions from international guests Kevan Collins, Woon Chia Liu and David Albury.

Suzie Riddell, SVA’s Executive Director, Education and Simon Breakspear provide a framework for overcoming barriers to spreading effective practice in education at the SVA Education Dialogue 2014.

Kevan Collins, CEO of Education Endowment Foundation, UK challenges attendees at the SVA Education Dialogue 2014 to ask how committed we are to providing evidence for change.

Associate Professor Woon Chia Liu, Dean of Teacher Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore shares her learnings from the Singapore education system.

David Albury, Director of Education, Innovation Unit, UK how we can successfully use learnings of bright spots to move to a bright system.

Daniel Petre talks with Michael Traill about how evolving technology will impact the jobs of the future and what this means for the education system now.