The Song Room

Strategic and operations plan development


SVA Consulting was engaged to¬†develop a strategic plan for The Song Room and an operational plan to achieve the organisation’s goals, balancing capacity building with program delivery.

Role we played

Working closely with The Song Room, SVA Consulting:

  • Defined the key components of the strategic plan including the goals, initiatives, resources, financials and risks
  • Used program logic techniques to define two clear goals
  • Created operational plans to define the project details for delivery including project owners, outcomes, tasks, milestones, costs and risks for each of these initiatives
  • Scoped each of these projects into 16 initiatives across six areas of the organisation
  • Identified key outcomes that would need to be achieved, along with timelines.


The Song Room has leveraged the strategic plan as an internal and external communication resource, explaining to staff, funders and government stakeholders the organisation’s unique position and ability to positively impact education outcomes. The operational plan allowed The Song Room to balance the delivery of its existing programs with building capacity for the growth years ahead. This work has allowed The Song Room to see a path forward that would preserve the magic of its long-term tailored programs and deliver on its vision that all Australian children have the opportunity to participate in music and the arts.