VACCA Service Demand

VACCA Service Demand


To understand the future demand on key services for the Aboriginal population in Victoria.

Role we played

Demand for most services for the Victorian Aboriginal population currently exceeds capacity in all regions, and demand continues to rise due to substantial projected population growth.

The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) operates in many of these service sectors which are highly interconnected and significantly impacted by shifts in Victorian Government policy towards increased self-determination. In FY19, SVA Consulting supported VACCA to better understand and plan for the issues that will influence their capacity to deliver effective services and support to Victoria’s Aboriginal population.

SVA Consulting created three interconnected models to forecast demand for VACCA’s services over the next decade:

  • A population growth model, created with advice from Taylor Fry
  • A service demand model forecasting for priority services
  • An operational model forecasting demand for Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.

SVA Consulting also explored shifts in government policy likely to impact service demand and supply, and provided advice to VACCA for using this information for advocacy and strategic planning.


This information has since been used by Aboriginal leaders to advocate for budget planning to better consider and prepare to serve the needs of the fast-growing Aboriginal population in Victoria. It will also potentially contribute to better service delivery across the state.