Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Association (VACCA)

Outcomes framework and change management plan


To support VACCA to successfully to implement a significant program of internal initiatives that would put client outcomes at the centre of their work and enable them to demonstrate effectiveness to government and other stakeholders. Initiatives included a new monitoring and evaluation framework, culturally-centred therapeutic model and case management system.  

Role we played

SVA Consulting’s role has been to develop key components of these initiatives, particularly in relation to monitoring and evaluation, and develop an approach and plan for successfully implementing the changes. Specifically, SVA Consulting has:  

  1. Developed an organisational logic model and outcomes framework 
  2. Developed a change management plan to guide the integration of the three initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, risk management, project governance and timeline 
  3. Supported VACCA to pilot the change management plan to try, test and learn from the integrated roll out before taking to the rest of the organisation 


This is an ongoing piece of work that will enable VACCA to evolve and continue to play a critical role in supporting a thriving Aboriginal community in Victoria. VACCA has used this work to drive conversations with the Victorian Government around supporting the organisation’s shift to an outcomes focus.