Using a proven, strengths-based, neuroscience informed approach to its critical conversation and reflections, Wings to Fly enhances early years’ professionals practice in the area of social and emotional wellbeing.

The latest Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) data shows one in five children are starting school vulnerable in at least one of the five developmental domains.[1]

Venture mission

Informed by neuroscience,[2] Pathways to Resilience’ Wings to Fly (Wings) program uses a proven strengths based approach aimed at preventing anxiety and depression, and deepening understanding of those at-risk children aged 0-5 years to build their resilience, skills and the capacity to transition effectively into primary school.

Partnership objectives

Wings works with communities of low-socioeconomic status; culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

SVA’s partnership will enable Pathways to Resilience to grow its business by delivering additional critical conversations and reflection sessions in disadvantaged, low socio-economic South East Queensland communities. Through a tailored package of support of funding, capacity building, access to networks and tools to prove evidence of success, SVA will help Pathways to Resilience be more effective at delivering the Wings program and change the trajectory for many disadvantaged and traumatised children, setting them up with life skills to lead fulfilling lives.

‘Pathways to Resilience Trust is delighted to have been chosen by SVA to enter into a Venture Philanthropy partnership to expand the Wings to Fly program in Queensland. It is an honour and a privilege to have such wonderful partners who bring an amazing array of talent and knowledge to our organisation. Pathways to Resilience has a strong commitment to collaboration and partnership, and although it is only the beginning of our relationship it is refreshing to be working with SVA who share common values and goals’.

Anne Turnbull, Executive Officer, Pathways to Resilience

SVA support

SVA support

  • Funding: SVA will provide $220,000 p.a. over three years to support the growth of the program including the recruitment of two additional early years’ education and engagement consultants who will deliver additional Wings critical conversation and reflection sessions, including intensive in-centre follow-up coaching and mentoring.
  • Capacity building: Provide a strategic sounding board during the expansion phase of Wings to support the business towards sustainability.
  • Networks: Access to SVA’s extensive networks and pro bono support including marketing, HR, legal, website and more.
  • Evidence: Test the efficacy of the Wings program, working in partnership with Griffith University to build the evidence base for extending the pilot evaluation, completed by the University, to drive continuous evidence base development and program evaluation.


[1] Australian Early Development Census, ‘A Snapshot of Early Childhood Development in Australia 2012’, 2013

[2] Bruce Perry, 2006,