Woodside Development Fund

Woodside Development Fund Measurement and Evaluation Framework


SVA Consulting was engaged to design and implement a measurement, evaluation and learning framework to measure Woodside Development Fund’s impact.

Role we played

Working alongside Woodside Development Fund and initial grantees, SVA Consulting:

  • Mapped a program logic for the WDF and designed the conceptual framework (including social & system outcomes, business impact and fund management metrics)
  • Designed a draft framework including outcomes, indicators and data collection sources or approaches and timing
  • Tested the framework with grantees to ensure that it reflected their theory of change and was achievable for them
  • Built data collection templates for the grantees and a reporting tool for WDF to collate, analyse and report on the results
  • Tested and refined the framework by undertaking the first full periodic review.


Woodside Development Fund now has program logic and clear narrative. They have a robust and practical outcomes framework that is useful for both Woodside Development Fund and the grantees in managing initiatives and maximising impact. The framework is also being used to ensure that new investment decisions are aligned to the overall theory of change. The framework is supported by data collection templates, clear guidelines for grantees (written into partnership agreements) and a reporting tool.

SVA Consulting is now supporting Woodside Development Fund with ongoing evaluation and developing a measurement, evaluation and learning framework for the full social investment portfolio.