WRISC Family Violence Support

Evaluation of Van Go, a pilot project delivering child-centred therapeutic services  


To understand the model and outcomes achieved by Van Go, and to identify insights and lessons for the broader services sector around addressing the impacts of family violence on children.

Role we played

Working with WRISC, SVA Consulting: 

  • Developed a logic model and evaluation framework for Van Go
  • Collected client feedback and interviewed key stakeholders
  • Conducted an assessment of the extent to which Van Go was achieving its target outcomes, and of the scalability, replicability, and cost effectiveness of the Van Go model
  • Developed an evaluation report for Van Go and recommendations for WRISC to consider how to increase the impact of the project moving forward.


The evaluation report supports WRISC to better demonstrate the impact of Van Go to partners and supporters, and the process of developing the evaluation has helped the team to better understand how to improve on its approach to measuring client outcomes.