YMCA Victoria

Measuring social impact initiative


SVA Consulting was engaged to improve YMCA Victoria’s outcomes monitoring and performance management activities and build its internal expertise in this area.

Role we played

In collaboration with YMCA Victoria, SVA Consulting:

  • Developed a social outcomes monitoring and evaluation framework across the organisation
  • Tested the outcomes monitoring and evaluation approaches in four pilot programs
  • Developed the pilot program frameworks through workshops and follow up discussions
  • Created program logics and data collection plans for each pilot
  • Facilitated data collection and reporting through Socialsuite, a partner on this project
  • Created a final report on the findings and recommendations for YMCA Victoria’s executive and board.


Each of the pilot programs have continued and expanded their outcomes measurement activities. YMCA Victoria have held a workshop to share the learnings from the pilot across the organisation and are also using the organisational-level logic model and recommended outcomes to inform the outcomes measurement frameworks for new programs.