Jobs at SVA

Thank you for your interest in working at SVA. If you are passionate about building a fairer Australia, you’re welcome to send your CV and a covering note to and we’ll get in touch if a suitable opportunity becomes available.

Social Ventures Australia values diversity in our workforce and encourages applications from candidates of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We have made a commitment, through our Reconciliation Action Plan, to First Australian employment targets and we would love to hear from appropriately qualified First Australians.

Staffing and remuneration policies

As at 30 June 2015 SVA had 59 staff (50 full time equivalent) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth.

The remuneration policy of SVA for its employees is underpinned by the following key objectives:

  • To attract highly talented staff by providing remuneration packages comparable with other leading non-profit sector organisations
  • To provide employees with practical allowance for work/life balance through flexible work hours and leave arrangements
  • To undertake regular benchmarking of comparable remuneration packages to ensure that SVA maintains the ability to attract, hire and retain the quality of team that is our lifeblood
  • To regularly set key performance indicators for all staff and to review performance against these at least annually
  • To review staff remuneration packages on an annual basis and to make adjustments, where appropriate, having regard to:
    • the performance of the relevant staff member
    • market rates in the non-profit sector
    • changes in the cost of living (as measured by the Consumer Price Index)
    • our financial situation

SVA does not pay annual bonuses to staff.