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Our vision

SVA has a vision of an Australian education system that develops the intellectual, social and moral well-being of young people, as well as contributing to the economic prosperity and social cohesion of the nation.

Evidence scans

SVA commissioned evidence scans to inform the 2019 refresh of our education perspective papers. These documents are a snapshot of any evidence on the effectiveness of policy, programs, practices and interventions aimed at strengthening educational outcomes for specific cohorts of children and young people.

Download the evidence scan of educational interventions for children and young people disengaged from education (PDF, 728 KB)

Download the evidence scan of educational interventions for children in out-of-home care (PDF,  850 KB)

Download a systematic review of recent research on the importance of cultural programs in schools, school and community engagement and school leadership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education (PDF, 448 KB)

Talk to us

Matt Deeble

Matt is SVA's education lead and the director of Evidence for Learning.

Sue Cridge

Sue is reponsible for developing the SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection.

Nick Perini

Nick is a Director with SVA Consulting and leads the team's consulting work in the education space.