Mimi’s House

Mimi’s House is the first venture in the QLD Venture Philanthropy portfolio.

Based in the Moreton Bay region, Mimi’s House is an early intervention program that supports primary school aged children at risk of falling out of the school system.

Mimi’s House is a program within Hope Centre Services (HCS). It provides a child centred, early intervention support service for at risk children five to 10 years old from Indigenous, Pacific Islander and other low socio-economic background children, who are finding it difficult to develop emotionally, socially and academically at school.

Year 12 attainment in Deception Bay is lower than the rest of Queensland at 33% compared to 80%, with youth unemployment at the very high rate of 17.6%. Up to 5% of children in Queensland schools are categorised as red zone, meaning they are highly vulnerable and at risk children of falling through the school system.*

Venture mission

To build strength, hope and resilience into the lives of children experiencing severe disadvantage, with equal opportunity to access high quality education and to develop the skills to participate fully in society, regardless of background. This venture aims to break the cycle of welfare dependency in the Moreton Bay region.

Partnership objectives

SVA will provide funding and capacity building expertise to help Mimi’s House expand their services to full time thus supporting more children, test and prove the model, expand the family support serivces and post program mentoring.

The partnership with Mimi’s House will also contribute to SVA’s knowledge of how to improve school engagement, academic results and social and emotional wellbeing for disadvantage children.

SVA support

SVA will work with Mimi’s House to increase their impact in the community through a tailored support package of funding, capacity building, access to networks and building a strong evidence base on programs for high needs children, experiencing behavioural issues.

SVA Director Queensland, Mark Herbertt commented:

We are delighted to welcome Mimi’s House as the first Queensland venture in our venture philanthropy portfolio and look forward to working with them to bring about long-term positive benefits for vulnerable children that are disengaged from school and for the local community in the Moreton Bay area.’

* NAPLAN 2015 Outcomes, Moreton Bay Education – School Completion, Australian Social Trends March 2011 Year 12 Attainment and How to adopt a school-wide approach with PBL.

Case study

My son has been a part of Mimi’s House from the beginning of the year. He joined Mimi’s House because he didn’t express himself well emotionally so he overreacted to his emotions, and he had low self-esteem. From last year when he wasn’t involved in the program to this year, his behaviour at school has changed. It’s almost done a complete 180. So different. He isn’t getting suspended from school, he isn’t getting in trouble in class, he isn’t getting moved out of class, and he’s dealing with emotions with other people at school so his entire school life is 100% better. It’s unreal to be honest. Mimi’s House Parent.

One of the biggest things that I can say about it is that some of these kids want to come to school now. In the beginning, they are really excited about coming on a Wednesday, and then that starts to transfer over to the other days. So it is not just about Mimi’s House days, they want to come to school the others days as well.

Positive Behaviour Coach Teacher, Kippa Ring State School