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Did you know?

One in four people in Australia experience disadvantage today.

Despite decades of uninterrupted economic growth in Australia statistics indicate an increase in people experiencing disadvantage. For example, one in six children under the age of 15 live in poverty. This equates to an astonishing total of over 730,000 children.

SVA has a track record of designing, scaling and refining multiple innovative solutions to alleviate disadvantage in our communities. Our work over seventeen years has taught us that for change to occur at scale, we must shift the cultural norms, behaviours and institutional structures and practices that perpetuate disadvantage.

Transforming existing systems isn’t easy. It requires deep understanding of the social systems and the experiences of people interacting within them.

To create this positive, lasting change we need committed partnerships between philanthropists, not-for-profits, governments and corporations who understand the importance of taking a holistic systems approach and supporting early intervention and prevention.

Today, I invite you to become an SVA Champion and join our network of inspirational change-makers who are driving the work required to create a fairer and more inclusive Australia.

Suzie Riddell, SVA CEO

What do SVA Champions do?

The SVA Champions Network funds SVA to tackle big ‘wicked’ problems. This involves: 

  • Building coalitions for change
  • Embedding lived experience throughout our work
  • Convening across diverse sectors
  • Supporting organisational capability building
  • Facilitating investment in social impact
  • Building evidence and thought leadership
  • Evaluating, learning and adapting
  • Influencing decision makers 

Together, these types of initiatives catalyse much-needed change in social sector systems. 

What do SVA Champions do?

Who do SVA Champions help?

By funding work that drives change in education, housing, employment, disability, mental health, family violence, and with First Australian communities, SVA Champions support people from communities all across Australia, young and old, who are doing it tough today.

Who do SVA Champions help?

What benefits do SVA Champions receive?

As a member of the SVA Champions Network you’ll gain a deeper insight into the work you are supporting to alleviate disadvantage in Australia. 

SVA Champions receive: 

  • Opportunities to network with like-minded individuals 
  • Access to learning materials 
  • Invitations to events including research launches and discussions with sector leaders 
  • Acknowledgment in SVA marketing materials
What benefits do SVA Champions receive?

Yes I want to contribute

I want to join the SVA Champions Network and make a tax deductible contribution of $10,000 per year to help tackle the root causes of disadvantage.  

Payment can be made by completing this contribution form and emailing it to

Yes I want to contribute

Proud SVA Champions

Robert Backwell

Caroline Beecham

Andrew Bullock

Jane Clifford

Sarah Druce

Audra Eng

Richard Fleming

Lisa George

Lorraine Grove

Steve Hawkins

William Hopkins

Justine Isemonger

Chris Lee

Gill Lee

Warwick Lee

Alexandra Liveris

Anthony Liveris

Dr Angela Paula Lobato Williams

John Lydon

Michael Lynch

Daisy Mallett

Ed Mallett

Dr Philip Robinson

Lucy Steed

Jason Steed

Christine Stewart

Russell Stewart

David Williams