Goodstart deal rated in top 10 global philanthropic innovations

The landmark Goodstart deal that SVA facilitated and invested in has been recognised as one of 10 top innovations in a new report on global philanthropy.

The report, 10 innovations in global philanthropy, was published by UK-based New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and highlights innovations as concepts worth spreading to maximise social impact.

The innovations exemplify nine trends that make for better philanthropy – either by bringing in more money or by ensuring resources are used more effectively.

The Goodstart deal is used to demonstrate ‘layered funding’ which enabled the syndicate of multiple investors to convert a bankrupt for-profit business into one of Australia’s largest social purpose enterprises.

NPC reported that this approach of using different sources of capital with varying risk requirements could be adopted more extensively to bring together government, corporates, and individual investors.

Duncan Peppercorn, Executive Director of Consulting at SVA commented:

“This is not just about private capital going into non-profits – but turning for-profit businesses into social enterprises.”

Other key trends identified in the report centre around transparency, sharing information and learning from failure, all which enable capital for social purpose to be more effective.

The innovations were identified through research and interviews with 18 leading philanthropy experts from around the world and focus on giving or investing from foundations and individuals.

In the report, NPC also calls for “greater openness, bolder leadership and a more confident approach to trying new approaches.”

You can read the full list and report at