• No them and us

    In this video, Karen Prout sits down with Reverend Graham Long, CEO and Pastor at The Wayside Chapel, to reflect on the year.

  • Lunch with Muhammad Yunus

    The act of offering small loans to people who had traditionally been excluded from the banking system had a profound impact.

    It’s not every day you get to listen to a Nobel Peace Laureate and hear first-hand how he challenged perceptions of the poor.

  • Can accountancy save the world?

    If Jeremy Nicholls is anything to go by, accountants may just have the personality and passion we need to build a better world.

    Next time you’re at a barbeque, think twice before you snub the accountant next to you.

  • Social enterprise leaders gather in Seoul for SEWF

    Kevin Robbie recently travelled to Seoul for the 2014 Social Enterprise World Forum, the first time the event took place in Asia.

  • Martu and whitefellas working together

    SVA consultant Brendan Ferguson shares how Martu and whitefellas are working together in the deserts of Western Australia.

  • Making better aid decisions through impact measurement

    On a recent trip to Indonesia with the University of South Australia, Anna Crabb got to see firsthand the potential of Social Return on Investment (SROI) to do more than just measure impact.

  • Shadowing a CEO

    Year 12 student Tenile Bryce spent a day shadowing our CEO, Michael Traill

  • Right time, right place, right people

    A Vietnamese proverb sums up Yen Tran’s experience of interning at SVA – ‘right time, right place, right people’.

  • Getting teacher education right

    Teacher education is a critical issue in efforts to lift educational outcomes for disadvantaged students.

  • Much ado about learning

    Although on assignment to improve her photography skills, Vikki learnt much more on her visit to Merrylands East Primary School.

  • SVA supports Sydney’s first Startup Weekend Education

    Over 100 educators, tech developers, entrepreneurs, and investors recently joined forces for 54 hours to develop tech prototypes that address educational issues.

  • New skills to help an intern’s social enterprise back home

    Today is my last day as an intern at SVA, and I can say it has been an amazing experience.

  • Thought Leadership Gathering talks community partnerships

    Last month, school leaders from the SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection came together for the second quarterly Thought Leadership Gathering.

  • Collaboration: six mistakes to avoid

    Collaborations can be hard, requiring time, money and effort. But they are also an opportunity.

  • Closing the digital divide

    At SVA, we’re excited to see positive movements in the EduTech sector and what this might mean for Australian low socioeconomic status (SES) schools.

  • What will you look back on and be proud of in five years?

    Measures, outputs and inputs, outcomes and indicators…it’s actually about helping you to see if you are making the difference that makes you proud.

  • NFP leadership through times of BIG change

    I often come into contact with great leaders, who despite engaging me to help them find answers, often end up contributing to my professional development.

  • Shared Value – is it worth the hype?

    Shared Value is one of those topics that seems to polarise. Some see it as the future of capitalism, while others see it as merely a fad. My response – ‘Shared Value’ as a practice is not new, but its explicit identification as a concept is powerful.

  • New Teacher Center Symposium: Focusing on great teaching

    I was pleased to attend the NTC annual Symposium in San Francisco in March, accompanied by senior bureaucrats from the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Here are my top takeaways.

  • Social Enterprise Manifesto launches in Queensland

    Doing business differently for a more inclusive society.

  • Can we rationalise the sector without losing the magic?

    Tim Costello and Jan Owen debate rationalisation in the social sector at an SVA Quarterly breakfast debate, supported by Macquarie.

  • The start of school for new teachers

    It’s a new year and another 16,000 graduates join the ranks of Australian teachers. Whether by choice or by posting, most of these graduates will begin their teaching careers in a low SES school.