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Unmatched social sector experience

We understand that while some challenges cut across the social sector, each part of the sector has its own unique context and faces distinct challenges. Thanks to more than 10 years of working with not-for-profits, government and funders, we have developed a deep understanding of these ecosystems and the drivers for strengthening the sector’s ability to create lasting impact.

Learn more about our work in:

Children and families

We believe that all children and families deserve to thrive. Led by evidence of what works, we’re helping to build a sector that keeps the voices and best interests of children at heart.


SVA Consulting supports organisations to transform and do more for people with disability while ensuring financial sustainability so that people with disability can have real choice and control.


SVA Consulting works with government, not-for-profits and funders to promote equity and support improved learning and development outcomes across the education landscape.


Meaningful employment can lead to positive outcomes for individuals and communities. We work with clients across the sector to create meaningful employment opportunities for all.

Family Violence

Family violence can be a key driver of disadvantage. SVA supports the family violence sector and mainstream services in their important work to end violence.

Financial Wellbeing

SVA believes in an Australia where all people can enjoy financial wellbeing and live free from the burden of financial hardship and stress.

First Nations

SVA has a vision for a Reconciled Australia and works with clients to strengthen their ability to deliver meaningful change.


We believe that everyone in Australia should have access to appropriate health services and systems to sustain their wellbeing.


At SVA Consulting we work with our clients across the housing ecosystem to support them to provide more people with a safe place to call home.


The law underpins many aspects of everyday life. SVA supports not-for-profits and government in their work in the justice sector.

Mental Health

We support organisations across the prevention, early intervention, crisis support and recovery spectrum to improve mental health outcomes.

Older Australians

Australia has a rapidly ageing population. SVA Consulting works with governments and service providers to deepen their impact, creating an Australia where all people are valued and respected regardless of their age.

Regional Development

We take a holistic approach to regional development, supporting communities to shape their own future.

Looking for...?

We know that disadvantage is a complex issue requiring a multi-dimensional approach. We work across many sectors, get in touch to discuss your specific interest.

Learn with us

The SVA Quarterly shares insights from SVA’s work and across the social sector to prompt learning and discussion about effective practice.

SVA Quarterly