Dismantle supports at-risk young people in Western Australia to achieve their potential.

The social enterprise engages youth aged 12-17 through BikeRescue, an outreach program that uses hands-on learning to facilitate engagement, mentoring and transitions to further education and employment pathways.

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Venture mission

Dismantle uses the simple bicycle as the vehicle for engaging with young people in a positive and meaningful way and equipping them with transferrable skills for securing long-term education and employment opportunities.

BikeRescue supports young people to improve their social and emotional well-being, while also building transferrable skills. It is run in partnership with youth service providers, ensuring appropriate wrap-around support is available before, during and after the program. Facilitators work with the young people to dismantle and reassemble two bikes each, with the participants earning one to keep themselves and giving one to a local charity.

To date, Dismantle has supported over 500 young people through over 60 WA based partners.

Partnership objectives

SVA’s venture philanthropy partnership is looking to support Dismantle to develop a social franchise model for scaling BikeRescue into regional communities. The model recognises the importance of local program delivery for ensuring sustained outcomes in regional communities, and will enable Dismantle to train and equip local partners with the materials and support to effectively deliver the BikeRescue program themselves.

Young people in regional communities are often more vulnerable to participating in anti-social behaviour or disengaging from education and employment, and are more at-risk of suicide than young people in metro areas.

  • 67% of students in regional areas complete year 12 compared to 77% average for Western Australia.1
  • Young people in regional and rural areas are 1.5-1.8x more likely to be at risk of suicide.2

SVA’s support potential

SVA is looking to support Dismantle with multi-year funding and resources to focus on strategic growth; capacity building support to develop a sustainable business model and effectively scale the social franchise model; connections to SVA’s to pro bono partners for support with legal contracts, marketing and IT systems; as well as support with measuring and reporting the impact and outcomes for BikeRescue participants.

‘The partnership with SVA is providing us the financial and professional support that will enable our youth programs to scale across WA and we look forward to creating social impact far greater than we could without SVA’s business and strategic investment.’

Pat Ryan, CEO, Dismantle

How to get involved

We invite you to support Dismantle to join the SVA WA venture philanthropy portfolio. To find out more, please contact:

Fadzai Matambanadzo

Associate Director, Venture Philanthropy


0401 888 661


Shiri Leventhal

Associate Director, Venture Philanthropy




David Williams

Executive Director


02 8004 6745


  1. ‘Australian Social Trends 2011’, ABS.
  2. ‘ Engaging Young People in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia’, Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, April 2015.