Marnin Studio, a social enterprise in Fitzroy Crossing, has become the first venture partner of Social Ventures Australia’s (SVA) WA Venture Philanthropy Fund

Marnin Studio is an arts and therapeutic studio operating out of the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre.

Venture Mission

Marnin Studio is committed to supporting women to turn the things they love into projects that provide a source of income, as well as enable skills transfer and therapeutic aid. The studio empowers local Indigenous women to become leaders and change agents in their community.

Goals of the partnership

As part of their partnership with SVA, Marnin Studio will receive a combination of funding and capacity building support with a view to ensuring that the studio becomes a sustainable enterprise that will continue to offer healing and growth for the Fitzroy Crossing community.


‘The relationship with SVA will help us to plan for many good things to happen in the community and reciprocally, we can provide knowledge and support to SVA that will help them and their partners to work with other communities like ours to bring about long-term positive benefits.’ 

June Oscar AO, CEO, Marninwarntikura


SVA Support

SVA is supporting Marnin Studio with seed-funding to become a financially sustainable social enterprise and providing hands-on capacity building support, with the help of the WA pro bono network to help the studio grow more efficiently and effectively.

The partnership with Marnin Studio and Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre is also an opportunity for SVA to learn from, partner with and support an Indigenous organisation that is successfully driving place-based community-led solutions for transformational change.


Marnin Studio is another fantastic initiative from Marninwarntikura, who’ve continuously shown that community-led solutions are often the most impactful way to achieve social change.

We’re excited to work alongside Marninwarntikura and the Fitzroy Crossing community to understand and build on their success, and to support the studio to inspire a new generation of empowered women who will continue to lead the change they themselves want to see.’

Shiri Leventhal, WA Venture Philanthropy Fund Manager, SVA


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