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SVA’s revenue comes from generous philanthropic support provided by a variety of trusts, foundations, corporate and individual funders, combined with government grants as well as cost recovery and fee-based income from our consulting and impact investing work. With a modest capital base SVA relies on continually generating fee-based income and philanthropy to support our work.

SVA continues to benefit from multi-year donations. This means that the revenue we recognise for management purposes is different from that shown in our statutory accounts, where we are required to recognise donations in the year they are received (rather than the future year in which they are applied).

Multi-year funding commitments enable us to commit to longer-term projects and venture support, and increase the impact SVA is able to achieve for the people and communities we serve. We are pleased that more and more of our philanthropic supporters are choosing to give in this way.

In FY18 SVA also received a one-off grant from the Federal Government as a result of the Social Impact Fund coming to the end of its planned life.

SVA’s audited financial accounts are available at

SVA income in 2018


Where we applied income in FY18

The staff-related costs shown are directly incurred by each business unit. ‘Other costs’ includes an allocation of support staff, as well as infrastructure and other operating costs such as occupancy costs, IT costs, insurance and compliance