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A growing network of alumni

While it is hard to bid farewell to beloved colleagues, we are always excited to see former staff taking what they have learned at SVA and pursuing new ways to make a positive social impact. Among those becoming valued alumni this year were John Bush and Andrea De Almeida.

John Bush
Now: General Manager, Education at the Paul Ramsay Foundation
At SVA: Associate Director, Education
SVA’s way of doing things gave me a well-developed understanding of how the different parts of the social sector could work.

I’m really proud to have contributed to the advancement of SVA’s thinking on Education. And I’m really proud of how we worked to shape Evidence for Learning in a response to the changing environments around us.

There was a real sense of ownership and the opportunity to shape what was happening at SVA that was felt right through the organisation. I found that really fulfilling. Not only doing good work, but also contributing to the development of a good organisation. SVA also opened up a space for me to think about what it really means to work on reconciliation. Really valuing Indigenous voices and perspectives and then doing the hard work to bring that front and centre.”


Andrea De Almeida
Now: Executive Director, B Lab Australia and New Zealand
At SVA: Director, Employment
SVA is very much about head and heart. It was my first foray into a place that lived its values and tried to do good in the world and used best practice to do so.

We had a really extraordinary opportunity to just go test, trial and incubate. I had seen the devastating effects of long-term unemployment on people close to me and people close to them. One of the things I’m most proud of at SVA is that we got people at risk of unemployment into jobs. Because that’s ultimately why I was there.

My time at SVA was really informative both professionally and personally. It’s held huge credibility in the broader marketplace, across the not-for-profit, public and private sectors.”

Those in the for-purpose space really look at SVA as a pioneer. I’m cheering from the sidelines about Suzie’s appointment and am really excited to see where the next phase and transition of SVA goes.”