Creating Shared Value

SVA is part of the Shared Value Initiative, a global community of practice set up to drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, non-profits and government.

SVA Consulting assists corporates to:

  • Identify shared value opportunities
  • Develop strategies to implement them; and
  • Measure and evaluate them.

What is Shared Value?

Shared value is a management strategy focused on companies creating measurable business value by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with their business. The shared value framework creates new opportunities for companies, non-profits and governments to leverage the power of market-based competition to address social problems.

It defines the policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which it operates.

The concept was defined in the Harvard Business Review article “Creating Shared Value” (January/February 2011) by Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer. The authors identified three ways in which shared value can be created:

  • Reconceiving products and markets – Defining markets in terms of unmet needs or social ills and developing profitable products or services that remedy these conditions.
  • Redefining productivity in the value chain – Increasing the productivity of the company or its suppliers by addressing the social and environmental constraints in its value chain.
  • Local cluster development – Strengthening the competitive context in key regions where the company operates in ways that contribute to the company’s growth and productivity

What is the Shared Value Initiative?

The Shared Value Initiative (SVI) launched by US social impact consultants, FSG includes the Affiliated Professional Service Network, a consortium of independent consulting firms that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and non-profits. These firms have been selected for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact. SVA is one of these firms.

Shared Value Initiative – Affiliated Practitioner Services Network Advisory Board
Duncan Peppercorn, Executive Director SVA Consulting was nominated by international colleagues and non-profit practitioners around the world to be appointed to the Shared Value Initiative – Affiliated Practitioner Services Network advisory board. Duncan formally joined the board in October 2013.