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About SVA Upscaler

Australia is on the tip of a social procurement wave as businesses and governments increasingly seek to create social value by buying products and services from for-purpose suppliers.

We work with mid- to later-stage social enterprises who want to build their capability to compete for these contracts, access flexible capital, and grow their business and social impact.

About SVA Upscaler

Impact Investing Australia Resilience Grant

SVA Upscaler has been selected as a pre-approved provider for IIA’s Resilience Grant, offering up to $30,000 for organisations impacted by the pandemic. Send us a message to find out if you are eligible.

Impact Investing Australia Resilience Grant

How SVA Upscaler works

We help build capabilities and financial sustainability for business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) social enterprises. We provide a unique balance of clear-eyed business rigour and flexible social capital to upscale growth and amplify impact, leveraging access to complimentary professional business intermediaries for complex legal, tax and governance advice.

Our formula for success

SVA Upscaler is uniquely skilled in helping organisations achieve the step-change growth required to service complex and large-scale social procurement contracts. Our approach is simple:

Good Business Social Impact + Structured Transformation + Capital & Expertise = Better Business Greater Impact

We help our partners towards:

  • Balanced entrepreneurial/managerial leadership
  • Customer centric, structured and proactive business development
  • Differentiated product or service replicated to open/other Australian markets
  • Operational and commercial capability to find, win and service large and complex contracts
  • Good governance with quantified outcome measurement, evaluation & reporting

Our services

There is rarely a one-size-fits-all process to build capacity or boost capability. SVA Upscaler uses a ‘fit for purpose’ approach that applies the right tools for the job at the right time. Our services include:

  • mapping potential demand and competition for new market entry;
  • support navigating procurement processes;
  • financial modelling and structuring advice;
  • upscaling options, including mergers and acquisitions, site replication and licensing;
  • investment advice and arranging; and
  • support measuring and evaluating social impact performance.


Get in touch with us to see how we can work together

Proven performance

Since 2002, SVA has incubated and invested in some of Australia’s leading social enterprises.