SROI: Lessons learned in Australia

As part of SVA’s commitment to encourage increased transparency and improved accountability in the social sector, in 2009 SVA joined forces with the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation to form the Investing in Impact Partnership. This partnership aims to develop a greater understanding of best practice in impact measurement, improve decision making of philanthropic foundations and individuals, encourage transparency amongst non-profit organisations and social enterprises in reporting their impact and develop an Australian Social Return on Investment (SROI) network. In addition to providing training to practitioners and consultants in SROI, it also links emerging SROI practice in Australia into international best practice.

With funding generously provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation, the partnership was able to commission SVA Consulting to assess the current state of play of SROI in Australia today. The report assesses the impact of these developments and advises on actions to further the development and take-up of SROI in Australia, answering three

three key questions: Is it worthwhile to continue to apply the SROI approach? If so, how could it be done better? What actions should be undertaken to further develop SROI policy and practice, and increase its take-up in Australia?

The report presents three conclusions and makes eleven recommendations for how the Partnership, investors, non-profit organisations and social enterprises, and governments can continue to develop SROI and extend its use in Australia. Read the full report ‘SROI: Lessons Learned in Australia’ (PDF, 1.2MB).