Simon Crabb

Simon Crabb is an Associate Director in SVA’s Employment team, working across a range of innovative projects, drawing on deep expertise, curiosity and a passionate commitment to supporting people experiencing vulnerability to overcome barriers to employment. He leads partnerships with diverse stakeholders from government, philanthropy, employers, employment services and the social sector.

During his time at SVA, Simon led and managed SVA’s Industry Employment Initiative, a demand-led employment model designed to meet the recruitment needs of large employers while improving outcomes for job seekers experiencing disadvantage. This provided him with direct insights into the challenges faced by job seekers navigating complex systems, employers seeking to create job opportunities, and the stakeholders working to support diverse workforces.

In 2019, Simon was awarded a Jobs Victoria Innovation Fellowship. He travelled to the United States to connect with leaders of organisations whose innovative approaches to the persistent issue of youth unemployment deliver positive impact and real measurable outcomes at scale.

Simon provides secretariat support to the Jobs and Skills Funders Network, a subchapter of Philanthropy Australia, lending his subject matter expertise and strategic thinking to the collaborative network of Trusts & Foundations investing in innovative workforce initiatives.

Simon is a co-Chair of SVA’s RAP Working Group and is a Mental Health First Aider. He holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences.