ACT Social Enterprise Hub

The ACT Social Enterprise Hub is a now discontinued SVA venture which provided business development support to community organisations or social entrepreneurs that want to develop a social enterprise to create employment for people excluded from the labour market.

The ACT Social Enterprise Hub provided business and support services to accelerate the growth of social enterprises through networking opportunities and access to resources that would not otherwise be available or affordable, such as:

  • Business development – support to organisations to enable them to start up or increase their sustainability;
  • Procurement support – advice and guidance on tendering for government or commercial contracts;
  • Impact evaluation – annual tracking of the growth, performance and impact of your social enterprise;
  • Pro bono support –  access to mentoring and pro bono support from a range of corporate partners.

Combined, these services were aimed at transforming enterprises into robust and sustainable entities delivering social benefits and employment.

Public, private and non-profit organisations play an important role in supporting social enterprise development within the ACT community through pro bono support, procurement opportunities, business mentoring or investment.

We would like to thank the following organisations who played a crucial role in providing pro bono services, support and investment to social enterprises in Canberra.


Social Enterprises the ACT Social Enterprise Hub supported