Indigenous Leadership Initiative

Assessment of Indigenous Guardian Work in Canada


SVA Consulting was engaged to understand, measure and value the outcomes that have been and may be achieved through Indigenous ranger programs in Canada, in comparison to those of similar programs in Australia.

Role we played

Building on our SROI analyses of Indigenous Protected Areas and associated ranger programs in Australia, SVA Consulting:

  • Interviewed 34 stakeholders across the two remote communities in Canada, along with two local Indigenous co-researchers
  • Estimated the value of the social, cultural, economic, and environmental outcomes achieved through Indigenous guardian work and the potential future value of this work by testing key scenarios proposed by stakeholders
  • Shared key lessons from Australia for growing the impact of Indigenous guardian work in Canada.​


Our published report provided a clear articulation of the outcomes generated by Indigenous guardian work, an estimate of the current value of this work and of their potential future value. This report will be used to advocate for national support for Indigenous guardian work in Canada and to advocate for the Australian model of widespread, Government-backed land management programs in Canada​.