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High Growth Jobs – Talented Candidates


SVA Consulting was engaged to build the capacity of employers to employ people with disability through the High Growth Jobs – Talented Candidates project, working in partnership with the Australian Disability Network (AND).

Role we played

High Growth Jobs – Talented Candidates is a demand-led approach to employment designed to meet the needs of employers by building their disability confidence, whilst also helping to better prepare candidates with disability for the jobs of the future. The project focused equally on the needs of employers and candidates to ensure an effective job match.

SVA Consulting:

  • Undertook labour market research including analysis of employment projections and workforce profile of people with disability to identify high employment growth industries and employers
  • Provided ongoing monitoring and evaluation of activities and outcomes throughout the project.


AND will engage and equip employers within these identified industries, and work with employment and training providers to prepare and deliver high calibre, work-ready candidates. Eight high-profile employers, collectively employing more than 57,000 employees, have been engaged in the project. To date, more than 150 people have participated in disability confidence training, and 56 have participated in pre-employment training.