St Vincent’s Health Australia

SVA has been working with St Vincent’s Health Australia  for the past 5 years on several projects to help them optimise the care they deliver to those people most in need.


To support St Vincent’s health Australia to thinks strategically about how to best leverage the space they have to optimise healthcare in the Darlinghurst Campus, and to deliver business cases that inform the design, delivery and implementation of innovative approaches to improving health outcomes.

Role we played

Over the past 5 years, SVA Consulting has worked with St Vincent’s Health Australia on a range of projects include:

  • Supporting St Vincent’s Health Australia to design the operating model for a proposed new Brain Health Institute
  • Developing a business case detailing the impact of a step-up step-down Prevention & Recovery Centre on improved health outcomes for people experiencing mental illness
  • Developing a strategic plan for how St Vincent’s Health Australia could leverage their Darlinghurst Campus to optimise health outcomes for their patients
  • Developing a national employment strategy that focused on hiring more Aboriginal health care workers.


These projects have contributed to St Vincent’s Health Australia’s broader strategic vision of delivering quality, innovative research and health care to the most vulnerable people in Australia.