STREAT Strategic Plan

STREAT Strategic Plan


SVA Consulting was engaged to develop a clear strategic direction and plan to guide STREAT’s decision making over the next three years.

Role we played

Working with Melbourne-based social enterprise STREAT, SVA Consulting:

  • Gathered a robust understanding of the organisation’s current situation
  • Reviewed options for growth assessing their alignment with organisational mission, the predicted social impact, resources required and the costs and risks of each
  • Tested these options with stakeholders
  • Defined five goals for the organisation to focus on over the medium term
  • Supported the management team to identify the right opportunities to pursue
  • Developed a decision-making framework to help assess and prioritise new opportunities in line with STREAT’s goals
  • Developed a measurement and evaluation framework to help STREAT track and report against performance to the plan and its overall impact.


STREAT has implemented the plan and used the decision-making framework to guide their work. This has included a review of their delivery model, an expansion into new commercial business opportunities and the development of a new state of the art training facility in Collingwood.