STREAT aims to stop youth homelessness and disadvantage, one mouthful at a time.

STREAT is a social enterprise helping homeless youth to have a stable self, stable job and stable home. Through its six hospitality businesses in Melbourne STREAT provides young people with supported pathways to employment – including assistance finding stable housing, vocational skills, improved mental health and well-being.

‘Today, there are 44,000 young Australians under the age of 25 who are homeless.’*

SVA partners with STREAT to actively promote employment as a key success factor in strengthening disadvantaged individuals. Ultimately, SVA seeks to enable systems change through sharing insights from STREAT’s model with the sector and advocating for employment services reform.’

‘Our partnership with SVA has been absolutely critical to our growth and success … SVA has provided us with an extraordinary level of business skills, critical thinking and support that was always perfectly targeted to our stage of evolution.’

Rebecca Scott, CEO STREAT

*The Costs of Youth Homelessness (2014), Swinburne University.

Case study

Bambi’s story

I came to STREAT to get my confidence back and to start getting used to being around normal people again. People who didn’t take drugs and do horrible things to get a fix.

I’d only just given up drugs a few months before I decided to come to STREAT. I’d used everything. Every hard drug you can think of. I used to be really shy. Withdrawn and stuff. There were a lot of reasons I was withdrawn but I believe it all happened because when I was seven a man broke into my home and raped my mum. I heard it all. Then she ended up marrying a violent man and he used to beat me. So when things got bad I would just run. I’d disappear at night to get away from it all and would end up hanging around all the other kids who weren’t home either and we’d get into trouble. It wasn’t long before drugs came into it all. I didn’t care because suddenly I had friends and the drugs helped me to relax so I wasn’t so shy anymore. I wasn’t lonely. I’d spent so much time feeling lonely.

I’m glad I met STREAT, because STREAT are doing something about it and now my dream is to help people. I want to be a social worker and STREAT has given me all the training I need to earn money to pay my way through university. STREAT have shown me I actually can become a social worker.

I love helping people. It’s a bigger high than any drug I ever took. I guess I just don’t want anyone to ever feel like they’re alone. Like I was.