SVA pioneering venture philanthropy in Western Australia

  • There are almost 10,000 people experiencing homelessness in WA – 25% are children and young people
  • 31% of WA’s young population suffers from mental illness each year
  • 4,200 children are in care in WA – over half are First Australians
  • Indigenous young people in WA are 53 times more likely to be in detention than non-Indigenous young people

Something needs to change.

WA Venture Philanthropy

The WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio helps social purpose organisations in Western Australia to become stronger, more sustainable and more impactful. The portfolio provides ventures with the strategic funding and hands-on support to build their capacity and deliver more sustainable impact, at scale.

SVA is committed to using evidence to drive systemic change. We conduct extensive research and work closely with our local partners and WA Advisory Group to identify and support high impact venture partners. We measure and report on the outcomes generated to build an evidence base of what works.

Our vision for the WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio is an engaged community of philanthropists, pro bono and venture partners working together to tackle the most pressing social issues in WA.

We invite you to be part of this community.

To donate, or for more information, contact:

David Williams, Executive Director
02 8004 6745

Shiri Leventhal, Associate Director

Fadzai Matambanadzo, Associate Director 
0401 888 661

SVA Venture Philanthropy information for ventures (PDF, 1MB)

SVA Venture Philanthropy information for funders (PDF, 1MB)


Marnin Studio is the first venture in the WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio

Marnin Studio is an Indigenous art enterprise operating out of the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre in Fitzroy Crossing

Marnin Studio is the first venture in the WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio

Marnin Studio supports the local women to turn the things they love into products that can provide them with a source of income, as well as provide therapeutic aid, employment skills and empowerment to become leaders and change agents in their community.

SVA’s venture partnership is providing the seed funding and capacity building support to help the studio become fully sustainable through the sale of their products.

Read more about Marnin Studio.



Dismantle supports at-risk young people in WA to achieve their potential. The social enterprise engages youth through a bike outreach program to help with transitioning young people into further education and employment pathways.


BikeRescue supports young people to improve their social and emotional well-being, while also building transferable skills. It is run in partnership with youth service providers, ensuring appropriate wrap-around support is available before, during and after the program. To date, Dismantle has supported over 500 young people in Western Australia through over 60 WA based partners.

SVA is looking to support Dismantle in developing a social franchise model for scaling BikeRescue into regional communities. The model recognises the importance of local program delivery for ensuring sustained outcomes in regional communities, and aims to enable Dismantle to train and equip local partners with the materials and support to effectively deliver the BikeRescue program themselves. Read more.


Information for funders & partners

Partnership characteristics

The WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio provides a powerful and effective way for philanthropists and pro-bono partners to support high impact organisations and drive social change in Western Australia.

SVA applies a strategic and structured approach to identifying and supporting ventures that includes a rigorous due diligence and selection process, hands-on capacity building and regular outcome focused reporting.

Supporters of the portfolio have opportunities to engage with a community of like-minded, strategic philanthropists, while learning more about WA’s social issues and taking action towards addressing them.

SVA as a partner

  • SVA is the leading Venture Philanthropy organisation in Australia and has pioneered this approach since 2002. We have invested more than $50 million of funding and support to social ventures
  • SVA’s staff are passionate and highly experienced professionals from the social sector and corporate world, including investment bankers, consultants, accountants, lawyers, marketing experts and business managers
  • SVA can draw on its internal advisory and impact investing teams to develop strategic plans, measurement frameworks, and as appropriate, take on repayable capital
  • SVA has a strong network of highly skilled pro-bono professionals to assist organisations with areas such as marketing, finance, HR, strategy and mentoring

Supporting WA Venture Philanthropy

If you are interested in partnering with SVA to drive social change in WA, please contact Shiri Leventhal.


M 0450 446 507

In addition to funding, we are also seeking non-financial support through:

  • Mentors with significant business experience to mentor members of our Ventures’ leadership teams
  • Pro bono partners who are willing to offer professional services to Venture organisations

Information for Ventures

Partnership characteristics

All too often, social innovators lack the money, skills and support they need to tackle some of our most intractable social problems.

The WA Venture Philanthropy portfolio supports high potential non-profit organisations and social enterprises with strategic funding and hands-on support to build their capacity and impact. This includes:

  • Multi-year funding and capacity building support
  • Access to a network of pro bono partners for support with accounting, legal, marketing, PR, etc.
  • Support with impact measurement and reporting on outcomes
  • Access to SVA’s consulting and impact investing teams as appropriate

Through our partnerships with ventures, we seek to:

  • Deliver measurable outcomes for vulnerable Western Australians
  • Contribute to the evidence base of effective practice
  • Build resilient organisations with sustainable revenue sources
  • Influence policy and funding decisions to ensure the most effective services reach those in need.

Eligibility criteria

  • Organisations must be based in WA and supporting WA beneficiaries
  • Organisations must have DGR status

In addition, we are particularly interested in organisations that:

  • Are tackling pressing social issues in WA and have the potential to deliver or influence systemic change
  • Have strong and stable leadership with a drive for continuous improvement
  • Have a clear and realistic strategy to achieve their vision
  • Share our commitment for building an evidence base and sharing learning
  • Are enthusiastic to work in partnership with SVA, our partners and fellow ventures

Make contact

We welcome organisations that are interested in partnering with SVA and joining the WA Venture Philanthropy Fund portfolio to contact Shiri Leventhal.